What the Wisconsin DPI Can Do for You

Marci Glaus, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Marci.Glaus @ dpi.wi.gov


As English/language arts educators, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) may represent some far-off place that awards teaching licenses and communicates rules and statutes. While these things are true, it may also be of interest for English/language arts educators to know that there are many other supports the department can provide specific to the English language arts, including helpful and interesting resources, continued professional learning, and timely updates.

All English language arts-related content can be found on the DPI English Language Arts page. Based on your purpose for visiting, you will find information related Wisconsin’s vision for English language arts, the latest resources and professional learning, and information related to licensing, standards, instruction, and assessment.

One of the most recent additions is the student edition of the Wisconsin Writes series, a collection of writing process and interview videos from kids. Wisconsin Writes has been highlighting writing processes of professional writers from around the state for the last two years, unearthing what it looks and sounds like to be in their minds, doing their thing in real time. For the 2018-19 school year, Wisconsin Writes highlights students from all over the state at various grade levels doing the same. Just like the professionals, students work on whatever part of the process they are in, from planning, to drafting, to editing and revising, and talk out loud about what they are doing as writers. You can also find interview videos where they talk about revision, technology, and their favorite things related to the writing process.

Another recent addition to the English language arts website is the Read It or Leave It page, the space for English/language arts educators to get a broad overview of different books and articles on current topics, instructional resources, and concepts in the field. It is a searchable page that provides annotated bibliographies for quick consideration. All articles listed can be found for free online or through Badgerlink. Books listed can be secured through interlibrary loan.

The process for understanding the standards has also been updated. The current “Unpack/Repack” process emphasizes a focus on examining a cluster of standards for planning, implementing, or reflecting on instruction and assessment with a focus on equity. The process includes professional learning and reflection on eliminating barriers through culturally sustaining practices and equitable instruction and assessment.

Of course, a pathway to finding information related to licensing is also present on the English language arts page, but the most direct route for this information will be to visit the Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing page. The most timely updates regarding emergency rules and changes to licensure are published there.

Finally, the sharing of information does not have to be a one-way street. All are welcome to follow us on Twitter (@WisDPILit), the ELA Google+ Community, or the EnglishK16 listserv. Whatever your preferred method is for social media, we enjoy hearing from you, and so does the rest of the field.

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