Book Tasting at Black River Falls Middle School

Amy Recob, Black River Falls Middle School, amy.recob @

Raid the dollar store for tablecloths, flowers, fake candles, a mini violin, and fancy plates

recob 3

I found a sampling of books at 5 different levels

The students walked into “Chateau de Recobia” to find their place cards at candlelit tables (with book choices at their level — not many picked up on that)

recob 4

The hostess of Chateau de Recobia handed out tasting menus with a Diner’s Scorecard so patrons could rate the various books they were sampling.

recob 2

recob 1

I brought out different “courses” if the customers were not satisfied with any of their choices.

Toward the end of the dining experience, students conversed about the main courses and collectively decide on one to read as a group for literature circles. I did allow some students to stray from the group.

recob 5

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