Issue 63.1 (2021)

Editor’s Introduction: A Fantastic Voyage: Shifting to Distance Learning, Empathetic Listening, & Resilience in a Time of Change, Adam Sprague

ARTful Composition: Using Expressive Arts to Develop Students’ Writing Expertise, Peaches Hash

From Finger to Screen: A Phenomenological Inquiry into
Touchscreen Typing and Secondary Students, Will Chesher

Transmediation in the Inquiry Process: Expanding Meaning-Making Opportunities, Benjamin Boche

Review: Classroom Talk for Social Change: Critical Conversations in English Language Arts by Amy Vetter, Kahdeidra Monét Martin, and Melissa Schieble, Jim Carlson & Veronica Eilers

Review: Between the Commas: Sentence Instruction That Builds Confident Writers (and Writing Teachers) by Martin Brandt, Paul Wiegel

Writer’s Cramp, Colin James

Untitled Haiku, Lin Girsaw