Using Creative Writing Pedagogies to Teach the Job Application Package in Technical Communication

Janice Cools-Stephens, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, janice.cools @

In technical communication classes, students are always very enthused about learning how to construct and design cover letters and resumés because they see those items as having immediate relevance. There are often job fairs on many university campuses where students will take their resumés in the hopes of obtaining a job. Additionally, students are often applying for internships, which require submitting a cover letter and a resumé. Thus, for many students cover letters and resumés seem more practical and relevant than learning about Readers and their Contexts of Use, Usability, and Ethics, for instance, all common topics in technical communication classes. While most students are often enthused about “Starting Your Career” or “Job Application Materials,” as it is often labelled in technical communication textbooks like Johnson-Sheehan’s (2017) Technical Communication Strategies Today and Markel’s (2013) Technical Communication respectively, they often have great difficulty constructing those documents. Continue reading